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  • Ready-made or Custom
    Ready-made or Custom
    Readymade Script enriched with all required features to build worthy social networking marketplace. But still the idea and demand are always vary of everyone so we are offering custom development solution to manufacture your choice of professional network platform.
  • Revenue Model
    Revenue Model
    Generating revenue is the center point of any business. LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted contains two powerful revenue model advertising banners, membership plan. Our support team guide you how to manage it and make it beneficial for you.
  • On-going Support and Maintenance
    On-going Support and Maintenance
    NCrypted offers after sales support for one year so from purchasing our product to one year quick support is on-going whenever it is necessary. We also free of cost maintain your professional network portal so it helps you to run smooth business in global competitive world.


Why LinkedIn Clone Script by NCrypted is so Powerful?

On web demand of making LinkedIn Clone are increasing. So many web development companies offers readymade LinkedIn Clone Script or professional social networking website script which through entrepreneurs can easily develop their own professional social networking portal and become huge part of professional social networking marketplace. NCrypted is one of them which offers advanced LinkedIn Clone Script with option to buy customized LinkedIn Clone.


LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted contains high end features and specialized functionalities so you can easily run your own worthy online business. It is the best source to generate huge revenue in short period of time because LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted is robust, scalable and user friendly.


Benefits of LinkedIn Clone Script by NCrypted

  • Stable Release

    Stable Release

    LinkedIn Clone Script is an advanced professional social networking script developed by NCrypted. It contains bug free and SQL injection proof coding structure so you not need to worry about anything rather than running your professional social networking portal smoothly.

  • Automated Tasks

    Automated Tasks

    It is not just a readymade LinkedIn Clone Script but it contains complete solution for users to personalize their professional details, post job recruitment, send private message, list out company with products and services and many more.

  • Free One Year Support

    Free One Year Support

    To run successfully and smoothly your professional social networking portal with LinkedIn Clone Script, NCrypted offers free one year support. So you don’t need to pay anymore for one year maintenance. You can easily solve your difficulties or problems by support team of NCrypted.

  • Free Installation

    Free Installation

    Our professionals can easily setup user friendly professional social networking portal free of cost to you so it saves your time and money.

  • Scalable & User friendly

    Scalable & User friendly

    LinkedIn Clone Script is a highly scalable, robust, and user friendly freelance script so it is easy to manage for you.

  • Standalone Software

    Standalone Software

    LinkedIn Clone Script is coded in PHP 5 custom NCT framework. It is advanced progressive structure so you don’t need to install any third part CMS like Magento, Joomla and WordPress etc…

  • Inbuilt SEO & Marketing

    Inbuilt SEO & Marketing

    LinkedIn Clone Script coding structure contains inbuilt On-Page SEO and marketing module, which saves your time, money and resources to spend with SEO agency.

  • Easily Customizable

    Easily Customizable

    LinkedIn Clone Script contains simple coding structure so you can customize it as per your requirements by hiring developer or by yourself if you have enough technical knowledge.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    LinkedIn Clone Script is inbuilt with popular social media integration so user can easily share their profile with popular social media websites


Admin Features of LinkedIn Clone Script

  • Content Management System

    Content Management System

    User Friendly Content management system helps admin to manage all the features of website easily and rapidly.

  • User Management

    User Management

    Admin can manage number of users which are the part of professional social networking portal and track activities done by all users.

  • Job Management

    Job Management

    From here admin can manage all activities related to job. Admin can manage jobs, job industries, reported jobs etc…

  • Skills management

    Skills management

    From here admin can able to add, edit or delete different skills so user can easily choose best suitable skills at the time of setting their profile.

  • Company Management

    Company Management

    From here admin can manage all company details such as manage companies, company industry, company size, reported companies list etc…

  • Groups Management

    Groups Management

    From here Admin can able to manage groups, group categories, reported groups list.


User Features of LinkedIn Clone Script

  • User Profile

    User Profile

    From personalized profile dashboard user can get facility to add all personal details as well as upload resume.

  • Connections of user

    Connections of user

    From here user is able to check list of users which are in their connections.

  • Jobs posted and Saved by user

    Jobs posted and Saved by user

    From here user can able to view list of jobs posted by him/her and also get facility to save jobs for future reference in LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted.

  • Jobs applied by user

    Jobs applied by user

    User can also able to view list of jobs for how many jobs they have applied and how many jobs are still pending list.

  • Groups joined by user

    Groups joined by user

    Here user can able to check all groups details which are joined by user, so they can plan to join new interested groups.

  • Companies followed by user

    Companies followed by user

    User can able to check list of companies followed by him/her. So they can view notification of different companies shared timeline details and easily nofollow unnecessary companies.

  • Search Jobs, companies, groups and users

    Search Jobs, companies, groups and users

    From advanced search module user can able to search jobs as per their interest, search companies and follow it, search interested groups and apply to become a member of it.

  • Company page of user

    Company page of user

    Employer or user get facility to create company page of their business and add useful information such as company name, website URL, description about company, list out products and services etc…

  • Post a Job

    Post a Job

    User able to post jobs for different position so other users can check new job recruitment details and interested users can send inquiries on it.


Common Features of LinkedIn Clone Script

  • Connect with Facebook

    Connect with Facebook

    In register page user can also get facility to Sign Up or Sign In with popular social media accounts such as Facebook, so it fetch basic details and automatically fill up in profile.

  • Send a request to connect to user

    Send a request to connect to user

    User is able to search other users and also able to send connection request to them to add as a friend, colleagues, family or other etc…

  • Email Confirmation or Verification

    Email Confirmation or Verification

    Once register done then user get account approval email from admin so instantly account is active and user able to add their details into their dashboard.


Unique Features of LinkedIn Clone Script

  • Private Messaging System

    Private Messaging System

    From advanced private messaging system user can able to send private message to each other so easily get connected with each by other and communicate.

  • System Alert Messages

    System Alert Messages

    LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted contains default functionality of system alert messages so when user do any activities system give notification alert for confirmation.

  • Content or Unique Design

    Content or Unique Design

    LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted contains unique content and attractive website design so it will be user friendly for your users.

  • Feeds Panel (Based on connections of user)

    Feeds Panel (Based on connections of user)

    User can get all shared details notification shared by their connections in timeline or feeds panel.

  • Like and comment on Feeds

    Like and comment on Feeds

    User is able to like and share comment on feeds shared by their connections.

  • People you may know panel

    People you may know panel

    LinkedIn Clone Script automatically give suggestion to add new connections by People you may know panel. They connections selected as per your list of connections.

  • Recently visited users

    Recently visited users

    User also get notification of recently visited users. So user can contact him/her or send invitation to add in connections.

  • Suggested Jobs, Groups and companies

    Suggested Jobs, Groups and companies

    User get notification of suggested jobs to apply, different groups to join and various companies to follow.

  • Advance search and filter options for users

    Advance search and filter options for users

    Advanced search module gives facility to users search jobs, other users, groups, companies’ page and many more…


Why you need customization

LinkedIn Clone Script is already furnished with all required features necessary to develop a worthy professional social networking Portal. But still if any entrepreneur wants to add more custom features and functionalities to develop their choice of social networking portal then NCrypted also offers customized LinkedIn Clone developing option. Entrepreneur or business owner only need to share their innovative ideas to our sales team so they can scrutinize your ideas and implement into your dream social networking website portal and deliver your choice of unique professional social networking portal.

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    "People at NCrypted were supportive and understanding of our requirements and went out of the box to suggest and implement customization that we required for our website on top of what they already have in their product. We wasted our money using a third party script from another company but finally I am happy with this investment with NCrypted."
    Michael Woods
    - President, Texas Vacation Rentals


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