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Know the popularity of LinkedIn before launching your own LinkedIn Clone

Why LinkedIn Clone demand is high in website clone market

In website clone market always social networking website clone demand high but now in market already too many popular social networking clone are available like Facebook Clone. So after Facebook Clone LinkedIn Clone is one of the hot favorite social network clones for entrepreneurs. Every day professional social networking websites demand are becomes high because it includes features to promote different businesses and most useful features is job portal, due to those reasons entrepreneurs are ready to launch their own professional social network platform like LinkedIn Clone.

Popularity and demand of Website Clone online business

Now on web everyday website clones of popular websites are increasing because it is the one of the secure and sure shortcut way to launch your own online business. If you analyze on internet then you will discover many similar website of different popular industry websites. Currently on web most popular website clones are Facebook Clone, AirBNB Clone, Kickstarter Clone, Freelancer Clone, eBay Clone, Elance Clone, YouTube Clone, Twitter Clone and many others are hot favorite clones of many entrepreneurs.

Build your own LinkedIn Clone from NCrypted

If you also would like to develop any good online business then customized LinkedIn Clone is the right alternative for you. Now in website clone market NCrypted is the only place where you can get fully customized LinkedIn Clone. It helps to implement your niche market ideas into your professional social network platform and deliver to your dream LinkedIn Clone.

Front end side User dashboard module of LinkedIn Clone by NCrypted

* Edit Profile – From here user can edit their profile and able to view their all profile information, able to upload resume, share profile with popular social media like Facebook & Twitter and manage public profile settings.

* Connections – Here user can see their list of connections with the detailed information such as connection name, connection image, location, designation title, send message, and remove message.

* Posted Jobs – Here user get facility to view posted jobs list which is posted by user.

* Saved Jobs – From here user can get facility to check their saved job details.

* Job Applications – From here user can able to check list of job for which they have applied for job.

* Joined Groups – By here user can check out list of groups which they have joined.

* Following Groups – This will list out the groups followed by the user.

* Message Box – From here user can able to compose message, check mails in their inbox, reply to other users and able to check sent emails.

* Notifications – Here user can get all types of notification such as when other person view their profile, any person can accept friend request, and any person can post in user’s joined community and groups.

* Setting – From here user can set different types of notification of emails, change password option and sign out from their profile.

Request a quote today to NCrypted for tailor made LinkedIn Clone or get readymade PHP LinkedIn Clone Script. Looking to develop other social network platform then NCrypted also offers tailor made Social Network Script.

If you want to give extra ordinary look to your LinkedIn Clone then NCrypted also offers customized Social Networking Website Design which gives best user friendly look to your website.

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