Jan 29,2016 Oct 16,2018

Social Network Script

Why Social Network Script of NCrypted is the most successful on web?

Social network script of NCrypted is the platform which helps people to connect easily, to share their feeling by communicate, sharing text-images-videos and many more. It contains complete features for all types of age of users to create their choice of groups, friends, colleagues, society etc… Ultimate aim of any social networking website is to easily find similar interest people to become friends and share their all feelings to make their life happier and helps each other in necessary situations.

On web you can easily find tons of social networking websites for different things such as educations social networking websites, social welfare social networking websites, animal saving awareness social networking websites, professional social networking websites to easily find jobs or expand business worldwide, and many more. But the most common popular social networking websites globally is the Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Badoo, Netlog and other few of.

Online business trend is expanding rapidly so every entrepreneurs are looking for unique business which through they can easily earn money before cutthroat competition raised on that particular business. Website Clone is one of them, in which trend of making social networking website clone is the top most on global market. So if you are looking to develop your choice of social networking website clone portal then Social Network Script or Social Media Script of NCrypted is the best choice for you.

It enriched with all required high end features and functionalities so you can easily launched it on online market and ready to generate huge revenue out of vast social networking marketplace.




Why to choose customize Social Networking Script of NCrypted?

Every business has different requirements because each entrepreneurs has different business dreams, so they need to find perfect company which helps them to manufacture that level of business same way NCrypted is the perfect solution to construct worthy social networking platform. But still if any business owner need to customize it as per their requirements then NCrypted is ready to scrutinize their ideas and implement into their dream business portal.



Core features of Social Network Script of NCrypted

– SEO Friendly URLs structure helps to save money which need to spend on SEO agency.

– Advanced search option helps to user to easily find other person and get connected with them.

– User friendly communication system through user easily chat with each other or send message personally.

– Easily share text, images, videos, links, news etc… on their timeline to invite their friends to like and share comment on it.

– User get facility set their choice of text in their cover photo to convert it into generating regular income way.

– Advanced user friendly admin panel with readymade CMS to handle all front end side features and functionalities from one place.

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