Feb 25,2016 Mar 02,2016

Analyze popularity of LinkedIn before launching your own LinkedIn Clone

Why people continue likes LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers professional social networking services to people. Billions of online users are using LinkedIn to put their professional details on internet and everyday its users are increasing. LinkedIn has multi features so people can use it as per own requirements such as some users can use it to showcase their professional details, some of using to showcase their skills and educational qualifications, some organizations or businesses use it to showcase their business details and post their job recruitment, some of use it to find best job as per their skills and experience etc…

LinkedIn upgrade their existing features and time by time launching new necessary features and technology & trend wise it makes many changes in their professional social networking websites such as launch smart phone website version and launching new different apps of their services. Recently LinkedIn has Launch new app for job search in US only for iOS device but android app version on the way.

Get customized LinkedIn Clone from NCrypted

If you finally decided to develop your own LinkedIn Clone then NCrypted is the right place for you to get customized LinkedIn Clone. Why Customized LinkedIn Clone? Because it support to share and add your innovative ideas into your dream professional social network platform like LinkedIn Clone. Customized LinkedIn Clone support to develop unique social network platform so it have more chances to cover more social network marketplace instead of readymade LinkedIn Clone Script using competitors.

Here are listed feature of Group Module of NCrypted’s LinkedIn Clone

# Group

* Group Dashboard – From here user can maintain groups such as Edit group information, manage members of group, manage group jobs, manage group job applicants, and manage discussions.

* Add Group – From here user can create new group and fill following options like enter group logo, enter group name, select group type, summary, description, enter website, group owner email, access (auto join or request to join group), and privacy setting (public or private).

* Search Group – From search group box user can search different group by entering different keywords.

* Search Result page – Group search result page show list of groups and it contains group logo, group name, group type, short description, number of members, number of followers, and join options.

* Filter – User can also search by defining filters like enter group name, group type, privacy setting (private or public).

* Group detail page – After searching list of groups when user can view any particular group it shows group name, group logo, number of members, group description, group members, group type, group owner, website URL, join group button, report to admin button, follow group button, group jobs, start discussion topic, discussion topic title, user name, discussion description, like, comment, and share options.

Request for quotation today for your tailor made LinkedIn Clone or get readymade LinkedIn Clone Script from NCrypted. If you have to develop other social network platform then NCrypted also offers advanced Social Network Script which offers many customized features and functionalities.

If you have to give personalized look to your professional social network platform then buy customized Social Networking Website Design from NCrypted.

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