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Run most profitable business with customized LinkedIn Clone by NCrypted

How LinkedIn Clone helps to earn money

Provide basic features free to all users and to use advanced features set different packages so they can upgrade their account and make payment to you. Offer limited job post and for more job post set paid offers. To get job post on first page set extra payment. To list out more products and services on company page set different packages. If your LinkedIn Clone get huge popularity and get success to increase number of users then others websites are automatically contact you to promote their products and services on your website.

Catch today customized LinkedIn Clone from NCrypted

Get customized LinkedIn Clone from NCrypted, because now in website clone market NCrypted is the one of the most reputed website clone development company which offers 85+ website clones of different popular websites and also offering readymade PHP website clone script for it. It have also very good products of popular website clones such as AirBNB Clone, Elance Clone, Freelancer Clone, Kickstarter Clone, Flippa Clone, Poshmark Clone and many others. You can buy it readymade products and in very short time you are able to launch your own online business.

Here are listed some basic modules of NCrypted’s LinkedIn Clone

# User Profile Page

User profile page is the page which other members can view all information of user.

* Profile Photo – From here other member can view profile photo of user.

* Activity – In news-feed user can get notification of other member’s activities. From news-feed user can also able to share anything whatever in their mind.

* Background – From here other members can view information about education, languages, skills and expertise and other additional information such as other courses done details etc…

* Connections – Here user can see their list of connections members.

* Following – Here user can see list of followed companies and list of followed groups.

# Network

* Connections – From here user can get view connection option, filter or search connections option to find any member, add connections, and remove connections.

# Interests

* Companies – From here user can able to search different companies or also get facility to add their own company.

* Groups – From here user can able to search different groups and follow groups as per their choice.

# Advanced Search

* Search All – Default search box can search everything relate to enter keywords such as people, jobs, companies and groups.

* Search People – From here user can search people by different search filters like search by keyword, search by location, search by current company, search by past company, search by industry, and search by school.

* Search Jobs – From here user can search jobs by different search filters like search by keyword, search by company, search by title or designation, search by location, search by salary, and search by industry.

* Search Companies – From here user can search companies by different search filters like search by keyword, search by location, search by industry, and search by company size.

* Search Groups – From here user can search different groups by entering different keywords.

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