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Reason to choose LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted to build professional social network portal

Which services LinkedIn offers?

LinkedIn is the worldwide famous professional social networking website. Millions of business professionals are using it to showcase their professional information. Around the world every day lot of business professional are joining LinkedIn and be a part of worldwide famous professional networking website community. Many businesses showcase their business information as well as list out their products and services information and invite users to follow their business page of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most preferred website by many businesses to find right candidate for their business organization and professionals use it to find better job which through they can make better career.

Why LinkedIn Clone is best worthful online business

If you are also searching worthful online business which through you can easily earn huge money then LinkedIn Clone is the best option for you. If you analyze on web then you will find many LinkedIn Clone on web which covers huge part of wide professional social network marketplace and generate huge revenue. By using readymade LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted you can easily develop your own professional social network portal similar to LinkedIn. If also offers customized LinkedIn Clone to get implemented your innovative ideas into your dream professional social network portal.

Check it out the core features of LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted

User able to add their resume in their profile

Registered user can able to upload their resume into their profile so business owner can easily search and view it and choose right candidate for their organization.

User able to create profile in multiple languages

Registered user can get facility to create profile in multiple languages so different languages known people view their profile into local languages and easily understand it. It is very much beneficial for all user employers and employee.

Able to add other users through connect option

User can able to connect with other users through sending request from connect button with defining relation such as friend, colleague, family member, classmate, business partner, other.

User able to create group and invite their connections to join it

User can get facility to create their own group and invite their contacts to be a part of it. Then participate into different discussions and share their views on it.

User able to join different business or professional groups

User can able to join different business or professional groups to get news and updates from same industry related people. After joining able to participate into various discussions and share their views as per their knowledge and experience on it.

User can enable job search option to view their resume by employers

User can enable or disable their job search field so different business owner can view it and offer best job into their organization if they are best fitted as per their requirements.

Users are able to message any members or contacts

Registered users are able to send message any other user which are directly connected with them or not connected and discuss business related things or others.

User able to create business profile so other users can follow it

User can list out their business with detailed information such as products and services, contact information, different location branches information etc…

Advance search facility to find member, groups or businesses

By using advance search user can easily find other user by their name, find different groups, and search various businesses which are listed on website.

Separate discussion section to question & answers among business professionals

From separate discussion section professionals can easily post their questions and get answers from other users or community of business experts.

NCrypted also offers other famous social networking website clone such as Facebook Clone, Orkut Clone, Netlog Clone, Badoo Clone, and Myspace Clone, with custom made and readymade script alternative. If you want to develop unique social network portal as per your niche market ideas then you can also buy advanced Social Network Script or Social Media Script.

In addition it offers customized Social Networking Website Design and Social Media Website Design to give eye catchy personalized look to your website.

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