Dec 28,2015 Mar 02,2016

Why LinkedIn Clone is the most popular social network clone on web

Introduction of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional social networking websites. Millions of professionals using it to showcase their business information, professional information, add skills and experience with qualification etc. User can connect with similar business or industry related people and share information, news and many more. Many organizations share their recruitments on LinkedIn and interested users can contact them and share their resume to get opportunity to employment.

How LinkedIn earn huge money?

LinkedIn earn money through premium membership plan, different types of advertisement, listing out more products and services etc. Due to global popularity and best services LinkedIn earns huge money. After viewing LinkedIn popularity many entrepreneurs have started their own professional social networking websites such as LinkedIn Clone. On web demand of LinkedIn Clone rising and to reach that on web many web development companies are offering readymade LinkedIn Clone Script. Readymade LinkedIn Clone Script through entrepreneur can easily develop similar platform to LinkedIn and launch their own online business.

Buy advanced LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted

Now on web NCrypted is leading website clone development company which are offering 85+ customized website clones of various popular websites as well as readymade advanced script option. It has more than six year experience and different client globally so you can blindly trust on it. It helps you to develop customized LinkedIn Clone or you can also choose readymade LinkedIn Clone Script. Customized LinkedIn Clone gives an opportunity to add your all niche market ideas into your dream professional social network and deliver long term sustainable business.

Here are listed some of core features of LinkedIn Clone Script of NCrypted

  • User get information relate to their contacts and the industry
  • Suggest different people and group which through user can achieve their goals
  • Able to manage their professional identity
  • Each member can view full profile of any user
  • User able to add their resume in their profile
  • User able to create profile in multiple languages
  • Able to add other users through connect option
  • User able to create group and invite their connections to join it
  • User able to join different business or professional groups
  • User can enable job search option to view their resume by employers
  • Users are able to message any members or contacts
  • User able to create business profile so other users can follow it
  • Advance search facility to find member, groups or businesses
  • Separate discussion section to question & answers among business professionals

Request a quote today to NCrypted for customized LinkedIn Clone or buy readymade LinkedIn Clone Script. It also offers other popular social network website clone such as Facebook Clone, Badoo Clone, Netlog Clone, Orkut Clone, and Myspace Clone. It also offers fully furnished Social Network Script to develop your choice of social network portal.

In addition it offers customized Social Networking Website Design and Social Media Website Design to make user friendly and attractive website.

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